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Digital Home Inspection Reports are provided to you via our secure report manager and available within 24 hours of your home inspection.

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TDA Licensed for WDO/Termite: #676992

NAWT Certified for Septic: #12823ITC


Offering the complete
picture of your new home

  • Structural Systems

    Foundations, grading & drainage, roofing covering material, roof structure & attic, wall, ceiling & floors, doors, windows, stairways, fireplace & chimney, porches, balconies, decks & carports, driveways & walkways

  • Electrical Systems

    Service entrance & panels, branch circuits, control devices & fixtures

  • HVAC Systems

    Heating equipment, cooling equipment, ducts.

  • Plumbing Systems

    Water supply systems & fixtures, drains waste & drain vents, water heating equipment, hydro-message therapy equipment.

  • Appliances

    Dishwasher, food waste disposer, range exhaust vents, range, cook-tops & ovens, microwaves, trash compactor, mechanical exhaust fans & bathroom heaters, garage door operator, doorbells & chimes, dryer vents.





Get to know your future home by scheduling an inspection

A complete, detailed report will be generated outlining:

    Immediate Repairs - highlight items needing immediate repair. 

    Maintenance Reminders - outline items that are in need of maintenance or will need maintenance in the next year. 

    Monitoring Needed - indicate reminders for items that should be monitored and checked periodically. 

    Safety Items - highlight any unsafe conditions or items affecting occupant safety.


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